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Eddie Stremler is a man of many talents. He is the owner of the Stand On The Couch recording studio, which is the base of operations for Stand On The Couch Musical Productions. Ed's experiences as a musician (see Biography) have been matched by career achievements as an engineer. This combination of skills is a major part of the package he presents in the operation of SOTC. Along with his friend and production partner, Billy Brown, he is involved in the variety of projects that will make Stand On The Couch an independent and valuable force in the music community.

The first step in that direction is the release of Eddie's EP, Eddie Stremler By Default. The CD showcases Ed's versatility as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer. His education and woodshedding as a guitarist are well in evidence. While the influence of artists such as Steely Dan, Yes, and Renaissance is obvious, there are musical nods to other genres, including country, jazz, and rhythm and blues. From deep, well-arranged compositions to kick-ass rock and roll, Ed's dedication and love of the music stands out. For other information on Eddie and SOTC, take a run around the sites. To hear the music and purchase the EP, click on below.


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    Check out some of the songs:

    Falling: Falling.mp3

    Heal A Friend: Heal a Friend.mp3

                                  I Will Be There: I Will Be There.mp3

                                  Interlude: Interlude.mp3

                                  The Delaware Song: Delaware.mp3


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